Markus Imthurn

Markus Imthurn


His pictures are three-dimensional and sculptural. The development of this art form began in 1977 at the Zurich Arts and Crafts School. The 16-year-old art student Markus created such experimental collages that the teacher Harry Buser announced that one day he would create something innovative and sensational.

In 1982 Markus successfully completed an apprenticeship as a decoration designer / Polydesigner 3D (Krause Senn Zurich). The most important thing he had learned was how to creatively improvise in three-dimensional space.

His main interest has always been the confluence of all the arts. Markus began to make films. Now emotions and striking statements were combined with three-dimensional design. All this captured photographically.

He designed many projects for film & television, advertising & documentaries (MIZ-Film Zurich). Later, interactive media & internet as well as theatre & the world of games were added. Some works received prizes (Zurich, Spiez, Lucerne, Bamberg, Aachen).

Markus worked on several highly innovative projects. As a director of photography for 360-degree films, he expanded the cinematic possibilities of cinema (Swissorama/Imagine360). As an author and designer for the then new interactive media, he developed new forms of communication (MacGuffin Zurich). His mentor for many years was Ernst A. Heiniger, two-time Oscar winner and nature film director for Walt Disney.

The films and interactive projects became bigger and bigger, the staff more and more extensive, the financing riskier and riskier. All the creative work was done by staff members. Markus began to miss doing it himself. He wanted to invent, draw, build and photograph himself again. So in 2000 he courageously decided to open a new chapter in his life.

Markus has always been interested in detailed miniature worlds. He probably inherited this artistic longing from his Italian mother. Through her side, he is a distant cousin of fashion designer Gianni Versace. He got his penchant for Swiss precision from his Swiss father.

He developed and built maritime miniatures. He even did the marketing and sales himself. American and English collectors became his customers. He also created other works and illustrations.

Since he only had male customers, in 2005 he also wanted to create something for the female world. He was inspired by doll's houses and especially by the Alsace region. By moving from Zurich to the canton of Jura, Alsace was now right on his doorstep. This is how the first rural scenes in shadow boxes were created.

The design possibilities of such small pieces of adornment are more intuitive. The production is less technical. That is why Markus gave up the maritime miniatures. He refined his self-developed methods over the years. He became a well-known figure in the Swiss miniature world.

But Markus was not yet satisfied. The basis of building was still classical model building. For him, there were too few possibilities to bring in emotions. He missed the painterly and cinematic expressiveness. And again he developed his design method further, this time inspired by watercolour painting.

Today, his kind of three-dimensional pictures is unique. He lets us experience the past world of rural life in a new, three-dimensional way. He enthusiastically teaches his methods to creative people of all ages:

The leitmotif through all his works is always the desire to bring joy to people with his visions.

Thank you

In the background are family members and close friends. Markus would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their sharp criticism and great support: Sidonia, Jasmin, Manuel, Soudi, Stefan, Sheila, Kayvan, Bernd, Roger, Georg and Marianne.

He also sends a thank you to his suppliers for their quality products.
Eternal thanks for their timelessly inspiring works to Walt Disney, Donald McNarry, Bernd J. Braatz, Karan Johar, Bob Ross and David Tate.
And of course, a special thank you from Markus to all his valued customers. 

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